5G Internet – A boon or a bane?

5G Internet – A Boon or a Bane?

In this time of pandemic, while many industries are closed down, the smartphone industry is constantly working on newer technological advancements and launching new things regularly, some examples of it are the launch of OnePlus 8 series phones and iPhone SE (2020) recently. These are not the only things that are making the headlines nowadays in the tech world. The latest 5G technology is also one of the talked about thing nowadays.
In this article, we are going to talk about 5G and its advantages, also, attached with it some theories that concerns it user’s health and daily livelihood.

What is 5G internet technology?

Let’s first know about the main topic today, 5G internet technology. 5G is the next generation of network after 4G that is going to bring a revolution in wireless internet technology and its application in everyday use. The technology is available in a few countries right now but it is going to be available in our country in the next 2-3 years. There are many features of 5G that makes it far more superior than the current 4G network.
Let’s have a look at some of the features of 5G technology that make it so much advanced than its predecessors:

Super high bandwidth speed

5G internet - A boon or a bane?
Speed comparison between different network types

The speed at which 5G works is very high and can reach up to 1Gbps which is 10 times faster than 4G. This simply means ultra fast everything on a 5G phone, YouTube videos will load in the blink of an eye, also, companies promoting 5G technology such as Qualcomm, Ericsson claim that we’ll able to download a full-HD movie within 3 seconds which is quite miraculous if you talk about wireless networks.

Reduced network latency

The 5G network will have lowered latency that will be within 1 to 10ms which is only possible in wired internet connections till now. This one matters for the PUBG Mobile and other competitive gamers out there, lower latency simply means lower ping while playing. The ping will be as low as 10ms which right now doesn’t come under 100ms in 4G network for many players in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile lovers can read this article for better performance.

Increased connectivity

The networks using 5G technology will be able to connect up to 100 times more users in comparison to 4G enabled networks within a specific area. For example, if 4G network could connect to 10 users in an area, the 5G network will reach 1000 users in the same area without compromising the speed.
Now, we have seen some of the features that makes 5G technology a major evolution in the wireless network technology. Let us also check out the application of 5G technology in the world.

5G Network – Uses and Applications

The benefits that 5G internet will provide are huge. From healthcare to IoT to AR, 5G technology will have a significant positive impact on various industries.
Let’s have a look at how all the industries that will utilize the latest 5G technology:

Automation for IoT

IoT refers to connecting various electronic appliances and machines using internet in order to send and receive information to avoid any human intervention. With the use of 5G internet, the devices with no access to wired connections will be able to share large amount of information easily and quickly.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Augmented Reality)

The lower latency while using 5G internet will be highly for AR and VR activities. The response time will be very quick and there will be negligible delay. This accuracy will help a lot in many things such as operating a patient in a remote location, also,this willhave a significant impact on competitive mobile gaming where accuracy and precision matters the most.

Better network connections

This one is the most obvious use of 5G technology. As also discussed above in the features part, the 5G network is significantly faster than the current 4G network as it provides almost 10 times better speed. This factor is going to have a huge impact in smartphone usage and media consumption, with such high speeds, watching content on a smartphone will become even more easier and the number of viewers will surely increase.

Better communication in driverless cars

We all know that AI will play a major role in future. Driverless cars will also be a part of that future where AI will take care of your driving needs. 5G technology will play a major role in it as the fast 5G network will ensure that the data related to traffic situation on the road is provided to the vehicle as fast as possible so that timely decisions can be taken.

5G Coverage and Devices

The 5G network has been set up in many countries of the world however, many countries are still left. Also, there are not many 5G mobile present in the market that customers can buy.
A 5G countries list showing the countries where 5G network is available has been provided below:5G countries list

The countries mentioned in the list above have 5G network commercially available. A smartphone user can use her/his 5G mobile to use the services provided by the network available in her/his country. In India, the 5G network will be available only after 2 to 3 years as there’s no proper infrastructure for the same and also, major telecom operators have to pay their AGR dues first which is in itself thousands of Crores. Factors like these make the arrival of 5G at least 2 to 3 years late, but we hope that it comes earlier than that.
Having a 5G network is worthless if there are no devices with 5G support.
Various companies all over the world have launched their 5G mobiles, companies that have released 5G phones are:

  • Honor
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Moto
  • Nokia
  • Nubia
  • Oneplus
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • ZTE
  • Xiaomi

Out of these companies, some of them have launched their 5G devices in India. The list of 5G mobiles in India that can be purchased have been provided below:

If you want to use 5G internet in India, then you will have to buy any of the above smartphones.
One more important thing that you should know about is the processors that currently support 5G network. Till now, only the flagship processors support 5G connectivity. The processor that currently supports 5G and available in India is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, apart from that, the upcoming 5G supporting processors that are to be released are Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 and Mediatek Dimensity 1000.

5G Network Dangers and Risks

While there are multiple benefits of 5G internet in our daily lives. There are many alleged risks and dangers associated with it. Please remember that these dangers and risks have not been proved properly, there is not enough evidence to prove that 5G technology can harm humans.

One thing that is to be understood first is the fact that the radiations emitted from 5G signals are non-ionizing one, this means that the radiation can’t alter the molecular structure of anything and is not strong enough to harm anyone easily, however, over-exposure to such radiation may cause slight burns or rash because of the heat.

5G network signals cause RF radiation and RF radiation was classified by WHO as carcinogenic in one of its reports. Carcinogenic basically means the potential of causing Cancer. However, one thing to also note is that things such as a hot cup of coffee, tea, any other liquid, white bread etc. are also termed as carcinogenic.
As per one of the articles on WHO’s official website, there hasn’t been any conclusive proof of any significant health damage caused by 5G or any other previous network types such as 1G, 2G, 3G Or 4G. Also, as per the latest report of WHO published in 2014, mobile use has had no negative impact on the health of an individual.

However, there can always be slight heating up of certain body parts due to excessive use, of mobile phones hence, I would personally suggest you take care and avoid using the phone when it’s too hot as it may damage your skin.
WHO is currently conducting research on the impact of 5G on the health of an individual, the results of the same shall be published by 2022. If you are in India, you do not need to worry much about 5G as it is not going to be rolled out in our country in the next 2 to 3 years, so, by the time we will get 5G internet, the reports by WHO will be out clearing the situation regarding its use.

5G Technology FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to 5G, if you have any other questions then you can ask the same using the comments section below:

Can 5G cause or spread COVID-19 or Coronavirus?

The question may seem a bizarre and pure joke but trust me when I say this, there are rumours like this which many people believe and are against 5G technology because of this reason. Because of this rumour, some people in the UK burned 5G towers in their vicinity claiming that it was spreading Coronavirus. This is clearly a myth, if it had been true then COVID-19 wouldn’t have spread in countries where no 5G network is there. You can read this article by WHO where all the myths related to COVID-19 has been busted.

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Which phones support 5G technology in India?

Currently, a handful of devices support 5G technology in India, smartphones having Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 right now support 5G internet. This means that these smartphones will be able to operate using 5G network when it is launched in India. The number of 5G mobiles in India will increase with time. Qualcomm and Mediatek will soon be launching their newer processors that will be supporting 5G internet. Smartphone manufacturing companies will use these chips and manufacture newer 5G phones that will be affordable for the people who couldn’t buy flagship devices.

What will be the charges for using 5G internet?

The charges for 5G internet can’t be told right now as the same has not been launched in India. However, though the 5G technology is more efficient than 4G network, it can be safely assumed that the price will be higher than 4G in the beginning, afterwards, as the time passes and the network penetrates to more areas, the price will decrease as per the competition in the market. As Jio is now itself an old player, it is now difficult for it to follow the same strategy that it did to introduce 4G.

5G Article Summary

Let me summarise what we discussed in this article. We learnt what is 5G, what are it’s features, its application, its dangers and risks, 5G mobiles, supported processors and everything else.
I hope this article helped you understand 5G technology. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible. In case you have any doubts or thoughts, then you can write it down in the comments section below.
I think all of us would agree that faster internet speed is the most exciting part we are waiting for. Besides the speed, there are many other things that will be improved once 5G is made available commercially.
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