Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

We all want to know what is best for us. While choosing the best is what everyone should aim for, one should also have knowledge of what is bad for her/him. We see many articles on the internet telling us about the best apps to use but won’t find any articles telling us about the apps we should never download and use. This article is an attempt to make everyone aware of android apps that no one should be using.

The apps that I am going to talk about in this article are those apps which some of us use but don’t know about the dangers or disadvantages it puts you through.

Let’s begin.

Cleaner Apps

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

Cleaner apps should come at the bottom in the list of useful android apps. If there’s something that should be cleaned off the Google Play Store then that should be these cleaner apps. The only thing that these clean master and similar apps do is clean cache and RAM of your device. Android doesn’t need these cleaner apps now. When these cleaner apps clean cache of your device, then it basically deletes the faster route for the Android OS to open that app. In addition to that, these cleaner apps keep running in the background and eat up the battery too. Uninstall such type of cleaner apps and RAM cleaners from your android smartphone. To know more about cleaner Apps, you can read this article. Some of the examples of these cleaner apps are Cleaner Master, Phone Cleaner etc. Just search Cleaner” on Play Store and you will see all the apps you don’t need.

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Antivirus Apps

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

These apps are very similar to Cleaner apps mentioned above. Many people try to keep themselves safe and download antivirus for android. However, antivirus apps do the same things that cleaner apps do. These apps claim to be the one that will clear all the malware but the truth is, when the malware attacks, these apps can do nothing but get infected themselves. If you have these apps installed on your device, you don’t need any malware to slow your phone down. These apps will eat up your battery, fill up your notifications, delete cache, slow your device. To keep all kinds of malware and viruses away, take some precautions and install apps from the Google Play Store only. Always remember, if you are downloading apps from any source other than the Google Play Store, there is a very high risk of getting malware.

Spammy Browsers and file sharing apps

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use
All notifications were sent by Shareit

On the Play Store itself, there are many apps that are useful but has so many ads that it feels as if the app was made for showing ads only. Some good examples of these kind of apps are Shareit and UC Browser. These apps provide you services such as file sharing, browsing internet etc. Here is a screenshot of the Shareit App for you.

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

As you can see, the actual file sharing option is at the top in very small fonts and most of the screen is filled up with promotional ads. These apps have now become more of an advertising platform in the name of providing useful services. It is very important to stay away from apps like these, you can easily find better apps for the same services that these apps full of ads provide. You can use apps like ShareMe for sharing files and Google Chrome for your browsing needs.

Dating Apps

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use
Many of us search for best dating apps to find someone special for ourselves. This has made dating apps one of the most downloaded apps in the world. One thing that we learnt from Bollywood movies is, we all should have partners in our lives and to stay single isn’t as great as being in a relationship. This myth has popularised dating apps that are nowadays just a way to pull big money out of your pockets. All of these apps have paid premium features which works only if you pay for the same. In the greed of finding a beautiful partner, many people fall in this trap and give away their hard-earned money. The creators of these apps are pretty clever, their app will notify that a person has messaged you and then, the app will ask for money to reveal that message.
Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use


This is to inform you that all of these messages are fake and are only there to shell out some money from you. Do not ever install such apps from Play Store or anywhere else to keep your money and happiness safe.

Apps from Unknown sources

Types of Android Apps You Should Not Use

When we talk about unknown sources, we are talking about the sites and apps other than Play Store. If we use the apps from outside sources then there’s always a risk to privacy. Hence, whenever you use any app from an outside source, be careful. I have, in one of my articles, also shared some apps that are not from Play Store. These apps are safe as I have personally used it but as they are not on Play Store, for one reason or another, there’s always a risk in using them. To be on the safer side, it is always recommended to check the app permissions so that you are sure that the app is not having any access that you don’t want it to have.

Concluding Words

In conclusion, it won’t be wrong to say that our security is in our own hands. We are the ones who have to take care of our data. If we take all the precautions and check all the app permissions before installing an app then we will be safe.

In this article, we learned how cleaner and antivirus apps are more harmful than useful, how dating apps benefit from our curiosity and insecurities and more.

If this article helped you then share this article with those who use such kind of apps. I have done my duty by making you aware of all these kind of apps, now it is your duty to be safe and also keep others safe by spreading the info about the android apps you should delete.

Do tell me your experience if you used any of the apps, in the comments section provided below.

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