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Is This The Best Gamepad under 500 for PC in India? (2021)

Every one likes gaming. Many people play games on PC & gaming consoles along with mobile gaming. While PC gamers use keyboards, console and mobile gamers use gamepads. Some games can be played easily using a keyboard and mouse, while some games need gamepads for better gameplay.

On PC, you can play all games using a gamepad or keyboard-mouse combination if you like. In this article, I am going to review one of the best gamepads under 500 for PC. The name of the gamepad is T-REX II QHM7487, it is manufactured by an Indian company called Quantum Hi Tech.

T-REX II QHM7487: Best Budget Gamepad Review

Quantum Qhm7487 controller Shoulder Button ImageThe T-REX II QHM7487 gamepad is the best budget gamepad that can serve your gaming needs without costing much. The gamepad is not a basic one with simple buttons. It has 22 functional buttons that can be used in a game. Its design is similar to a PlayStation controller but with slight modifications to suit your usage.

T-REX II QHM7487 Quantum Gamepad Features

This controller is popularly known as Quantum Qhm7487 2v USB Gamepad. The gamepad is fairly popular in computer markets. The controller supports PC, Android TV, Android phones and PS3.

You can use Quantum Qhm7487 controller with all games on your PC. To use it with any game, you only need to configure the controller in the control settings within the game for proper functioning. I played Tekken 6 on my android using this controller through OTG.

The controller has a total of 22 buttons that can be configured as per the game you are playing. Out of these buttons, two are analog sticks that are used for moving the player or the camera in a game.

Along with the analog buttons, there are shoulder buttons at the top that makes gaming on PC a console-like experience.

Quantum Gamepad QHM7487 Design

Quantum Qhm7487 controller Front ImageThe Quantum QHM7487 Gamepad is designed similar to a PlayStation controller albeit with a slight difference in design. The Quantum gamepad has larger space for analog sticks in comparison to the original PlayStation controllers.

Along with that, there is a grip-like design at the handles but it is not rubberized. The D-pad aka directional buttons is also a bit different from PlayStation as they all are placed in a single button that can move in multiple directions.

Quantum Qhm7487 controller In-hand imageThe QHM7487 Gamepad is designed nicely and the body of this device is decent and made up of plastic. The plastic is not of high-quality but can handle a few falls.

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Quantum Gamepad QHM7487 Connectivity

The controller has a USB 2.0 port through which you can connect it to a PC, a PlayStation 3 or even an android device. The wire of the Quantum gamepad QHM7487 is almost 6 feet in length and has extra shielding at the controller’s end to avoid any kind of breakage after extensive usage. This makes the gamepad a durable option within the budget of ₹500.

Pros and Cons of Quantum Gamepad QHM7487

Here are some pros of Quantum Gamepad QHM7487:

  • Ultra budget price of ₹500
  • Durable design and wiring
  • Easily available offline and online

Here are the cons you should be knowing about:

  • Rough buttons
  • Average quality plastic used for body

Utilities for Quantum Gamepad QHM7487

The Quantum Gamepad QHM7487 is a quite popular gamepad in India because of its low price and easy availability. There are a few things that you need to have to use the controller.

  • Quantum Gamepad Drivers: Most of the users of this controller often search for the official Quantum gamepad drivers online as the CD that comes with gamepad either gets lost or there is no DVD drive in their computer system. Here is the official link for Qhmpl Gamepad Driver for QHM7487 controller.
    QHM7487 Gamepad Driver Download Link
  • x360ce for Quantum QHM7487 Gamepad: x360ce is a controller emulator software using which you can set your controller as an Xbox controller in PC games that support it. Using this software can solve your problems of “game not detecting your controller”. You can check the instructions to use it on; here is the link for the software.
    x360ce Download Link

Quantum QHM7487 2V C Gamepad Price In India

Quantum QHM7487 Gamepad is priced in India below ₹500 which hovers between 300 to 450 in the offline as well as online market.

The QHM7487 Gamepad is available offline more easily as compared to online. You can go to an electronic store and find it easily. Online, you can find this gamepad on Amazon and Flipkart.

Here are the links to buy QHM7487 Gamepad:

Amazon Buy Link for QHM7487 Gamepad

Flipkart Buy Link for QHM7487 Gamepad

Please do not buy from these links if the price is more than ₹500; it won’t be worth it at a higher price. If you want to spend thousand rupees on a gamepad then, it would be better if you go for a Cosmic Byte or Redgear gamepad than this one.

Concluding Words

By now, you would have understood why this Quantum gamepad is the best within ₹500. It is a good option for those who game often but don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on casual gaming.

Research before buying anything and always remember to take an informed decision. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money…

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Hope this article was helpful to you, keep checking this site for more such helpful information.

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