9 Best Offline Games for Android (2020)

9 Best Offline Android Games (2021)

Almost every person having a job is doing work from home nowadays. While working from home, many employees use their precious mobile data for office work.

We often get bored working for long hours and take a break where we watch videos, browse social media, or play online games such as PUBG Mobile which often uses a lot of mobile data.

Online gaming is a common thing nowadays but that needs a good internet connection. Today, I will be telling you about some of the best offline android games that you can enjoy without internet. The only time you will need internet for these games is to download them.

Here are some of the best offline games for android free to download that you can play without internet:


This one’s a quite beautiful and good puzzle game. In Mekorama, you control a robot who goes to the point wherever you point at. Your objective in the game is to help the robot reach the redpoint. Sometimes, the puzzles in this game will leave you puzzled for the solution. This offline android game is easy in the beginning but keeps on getting tougher at higher levels.
App Size: 5.2 MB

Tiger Ball

This one is also a good puzzle game which is very simple. In this game, you have to throw the ball with tiger-like stripes in the jar. There are a few obstacles through which you have to throw the ball in the jar. The difficulty of this android game keeps on increasing with the levels.
App Size: 22 MB

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Brain Dots

By now, it must be obvious to you that puzzle games are the most famous category of games available for playing offline. This game is another gem of a puzzle game you will get addicted to. In Brain Dots, there are two dots that you have to connect by drawing various figures on the screen. This game is really simple but still it will challenge and force you to think with all your might while solving the puzzle.
App Size: 30 MB


This is the first non-puzzle game in this list. This game is pretty easy. This is a shooter game you can play offline where you control a plane that constantly shoots at its enemies coming from all sides. You only have to control the plane and avoid getting hit by the enemy’s bullets. It is a pretty fun game available offline and requires quick response in order to win.
App Size: 111 MB

Island Adventures

This game is a classic one, this game is the actual game from our childhood brought to our Android devices. This game is like Mario and is pretty basic and easy. You can play this game for a quick gaming session while traveling. This game is more like android emulator for the original game “Adventure Island” but works offline with no problems.
App Size: 20 MB

Shadow Fight 2

If you are into fighting games then this is the one game that you should look up to. Shadow Fight 2 is a pretty good fighting game. The fighting moves of the player are very realistic and the fights in the game are pretty good. The game has good physics which makes the game even more enjoyable. It is not an easy game and it takes a bit of practice to become a good player. Overall, a good offline fighting game on Android.
App Size: 142 MB

Alto’s Adventure

If you are one of those people who play games to get some relief from all the chaos around, then this is the game for you. This game has very soothing music that will help you relax along with the simple gameplay and beautiful scenery. In Alto’s Adventure, you simply have to control the player skiing down the hill for as long as possible. This offline game will take you off-world while playing it, I highly recommend you to play this game with earphones on.
App Size: 55 MB

Kingdom Rush

Have you ever heard about tower defense games? The games where you have to take control of the towers that are and stop the oncoming wave of enemies? Kingdom Rush is one such tower defense game. This game is a not-so-difficult strategy game that you can play in your free time.
App Size: Depends on device

Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is one of the simplest cricket game you will ever play, this game is very fun to play and involves just two directional buttons that you have to use to hit the ball. The difficult part in this game is guessing the direction of the ball, sometimes the ball will be too fast and sometimes it will spin. This game can get pretty competitive and tough at later stages with many challenges to beat. This offline android game will surely test and improve your hand-eye coordination.
App Size: 33 MB
Bonus Game: You may know this game as it is inbuilt in Google Chrome and doesn’t need any kind of installation. It is the offline dinosaur game, the one with the dinosaur in Chrome browser which you can play when you’re offline. This offline dinosaur game can be played without internet as the dinosaur appears only when the internet is off or not working. To start this game, just go to Chrome when internet is not working or your device is not connected to internet. After that, type any URL on the address bar, the offline dinosaur game will appear with “No Internet” written below it. Tap on the dinosaur and the game will start, Enjoy!

Final Words

So, guys, this was the list of some of the best offline android games you can play on your android device. This is in no way an exhaustive list and only contains games which I have played and enjoyed without internet. These games are fairly addictive and you are also going to get stuck in them hence beware. All of these games are free and doesn’t consume much storage on your device.

In this list, Brain Dots and Stick Cricket 2 were the ones I was most addicted to. You can also try these games and tell us which one was your favourite, in the comments section below. To download any of the games, just click on the name and it will open on Google Play Store.

In case you know better games than the ones in the list then you can mention them in the comments. See ya all in the next article!

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