Use your computer to fight against Coronavirus aka COVID-19

Use your computer to fight against Coronavirus aka COVID-19

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is spreading like crazy. It is important that we take care of ourselves as well as others in this crisis like situation. Please note that almost everyone is at risk of catching this virus irrespective of her/his age. With every passing day, new cases are getting discovered. Currently, as per the data provided on page, Italy and China are the countries that are most-affected with 24,747 and 80,860 cases respectively. In India, currently, there are 114 cases of Coronavirus which is alarming but is lesser in comparison to many other countries. 

As per Michael Osterholm, expert of biosecurity and infectious-diseases, social distancing is one of the best ways through which, we, normal people, can restrict the spread of COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. Also, as per Osterholm, this is just the beginning and worst is yet to come. You can check what Osterholm said in Joe Rogan podcast in this clip:

How to use your PC to deal with Coronavirus aka COVID-19?

Anyone who owns a PC/Mac/Linux system can help in dealing with Coronavirus. For this, you need to download a software called “Folding@Home” which is a software that contributes in research of various diseases. This software is available for free and runs on almost any modern computer system. You can run this software on any computer system that is newer than Pentium 4-based system which was released in the year 2000.

How does this Folding@home software help in dealing with Coronavirus?

This software basically uses a distributed computer network which collectively works on research of various diseases which includes diseases such as . Once you install this software, you will be able to contribute towards researches that are being conducted on Coronavirus and many other diseases. This software will simply use your CPU and GPU for calculations related to protein folding that will be used in research of disease.
Once you install and run this software, a webpage will open in your browser which will let you control the resources that will be used from your computer, you can change the settings as per your choice. Also, an icon for folding@home will also be there on your taskbar, you can use that to control the resource allocation to this program.
Currently, the creators of this software have allocated all its resources towards research on Coronavirus. At the time of writing this article, we could not find the option for COVID-19 on the program but you can choose “any disease” option as all resources allocated to this option are used for research related to Coronavirus only.

How to use folding@home program?

Here are the steps to use this program:

  • Step 1: Download “folding@home” program from this link: 
    Use your computer to fight against Coronavirus aka COVID-19
  • Step 2: Install the program
  • Step 3: Setup a username, passcode or choose “anonymous” option and contribute anonymously 
  • Step 4: Select the disease you want to contribute towards, choosing “any disease” option contributes towards Coronavirus aka Covid-19. 
    Use your computer to fight against Coronavirus aka COVID
  • Step 5: Set the power and time when you would like to allocate your GPU and CPU 
    Use your computer to fight against Coronavirus aka COVID

In case, you want a video for how to use this folding@home software then, you should watch this video:

I will highly suggest you to use this software to contribute in the fight against Coronavirus aka COVID-19. I request you to share this info with your friends who have a computer system and can contribute towards this cause. You can write your query or suggestions in the comment section down below.

Meanwhile, here’s a very useful piece of information showing the difference between quarantine and isolation that many people don’t know about:

Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation

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