12 Useful Apps and Websites for Content Creators that are Free (Updated)

12 Useful Apps and Websites for Content Creators that are Free (Updated)

This lockdown period has forced everyone to stay inside their homes and also given us a lot of free time that we usually don’t get in our daily routines. With so much leisure time in hand, people have started utilizing it to pursue their hobbies. While many have resorted to basic living skills such as cooking, sewing and other useful skills, many others have started working on their procrastinated ideas such as writing blogs, making YouTube videos.

Creating content seems easy until you actually start working on it. There are many things to be taken care of while creating content. One has to use multiple websites and apps to create a good and presentable content. One often struggles to find apt software to help us in content-creating process.

I have compiled a list of free software and websites that will help you in creating content the way you want it:

Grammarly.com (Website/Browser Extension)

If you are into writing then the first thing to take care of is grammar. Writing error-free content is the first thing you should aim for. Grammarly takes care of your grammar and helps you in spotting errors in the content. It also has an extension that works in many emails and social media platforms. Use this extension to minimize errors on your blogs.

Google Docs (Website)

If you often forget to save documents while writing then Google Docs is the website you should use. This google site is an online alternative to MS Word. You can write content on this site and it will be auto-saved in your Google Drive. Along with this, there are also many templates which you can use for other kinds of documents such as project proposals, resumes, recipes etc.

PhotoScapeX (Computer Software)

This is the best photo-editing tool that you can use to create banners and video thumbnails. The best part about this software is that it is free. You can go to the Windows Store on your PC to download it. It has an older version which is ‘PhotoScape 3.7’, which is for Windows 7 and older PCs. You can edit as well as create an image using this software.

Compresspng.com/Compressjpeg.com (Websites)

As the names suggest, these sites compress PNG and JPEG format images without compromising it’s quality. Bloggers can use this site to reduce loading time of their blogs and provide a better experience to its readers by uploading smaller images that are quick to load.

Canva.com (Website and Smartphone App)

It is one of the best free sites that you can use to create various types of banners, templates, posters, info-graphics etc. This site has several beautiful templates to choose from. You can choose the one that is apt for you and edit it as per your requirement. You can also use Canva app if you want.

Smallseotools.com (Website)

This is one of the most useful sites for bloggers. This site provides many useful SEO tools that can help in improving the SEO of our blog. It has features such as plagiarism checker, keyword position checker, domain authority checker, back-link checker, image compressor etc. which are quite handy and helpful.

HitFilmExpress (PC Software)

This is a free video editor that lets you edit your videos. One thing that is good about this app is that it is free and still there is no watermark on the videos you edit through this software. It has many features similar to Adobe Premier Pro, and that too without paying anything. This is must-have software for all those budding YouTubers who don’t have much money to spend on purchasing a video editor software.

InShot (Smartphone App)

This app is for those who want to edit videos on their smartphones. It is a really nice app and is very easy to use. One good thing about this app is that the watermark is very light and doesn’t distract when you watch the video.

Snapseed (Smartphone App)

This one’s for those who like to create the article banner through their phones. Snapseed is a brilliant image editing app by Google that lets you edit any image the way you want. You can edit the image as per your liking. There are hundreds of ways you can edit an image using this app. This app is good for quick editing for posting in social media.

AddText on Photo (Smartphone App)

This app is one of the best apps to use when it comes to adding text on any image. This app has a huge catalog of fonts that you can use while editing an image. This app can be used to create memes due to the various editing features it offers.

Pexels.com (Website)

This website is the only thing you need to get a copyright-free image for your banner or thumbnail. This site provides thousands of free images to download and use in your blog, you can use these images without any restriction. While using pictures from this website, please make sure to edit the image a bit as the same image would have been used by many other creators. Hence, it is better to edit the image as per your need and make it unique.

Instagram In-built Editor (Smartphone App)

This is not an app but the actual editor available within Instagram app. The editor is not that feature rich but it has some useful stickers, filters and tags that you can use to enhance your images and make them more presentable.

So, guys, this was a small article to help you in making better videos and writing nicely-presented blogs.

Here’s a Bonus Website that you can use for SEO of your site.


This is one of the best sites for SEO provided one of the most famous personalities in Digital Marketing Space, Neil Patel. This site provides various free tools that you can use to improve SEO of your site. This site also provides many services which are usually paid, but for limited number of times a day.
Neil Patel, the owner of this site, also has a YouTube channel where he puts us many lessons for beginners, here’s the Youtube Playlist for the same.
I use all of these apps and sites myself, you can easily spot the same if you follow me on any of the social media. If you know better apps than the ones mentioned then you can also share the names in the comments section below.
Out of all the mentioned ones, I use the third and last one the most as the same makes the content presentable and beautiful.
For your reference, here is a social media influencer who used apps from the list above. He is very proud for it, you can see that on his face.
10 Useful Apps and Sites for Content Creators that are Free

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