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Why Playing Video Games As An Adult is Fine

No matter what your age is, you are always free to have fun. Whether it be through watching a movie, visiting a place or playing video games,  you are always free to choose your preferred way of amusement. Society has always thought of video games to be a thing that only kids indulge in.

However, the same is not true. In this article, we will discuss or I can say, argue for the fact that playing video games as an adult is totally fine.

All Games Are Not Simple

God of War Game Controls
God of War Game Controls

Video games are considered to be a kid’s thing because it is simple and fun. Anything that is simple and easy to learn is considered to be made for kids. However, there are many games with 18+ ratings because of the explicit and gory scenes in the game. The games with such ratings are often complicated and require a mature mind to play, hence they are played by adults only.

A good example of the same is a God of War game on PlayStation 2. It was an 18+ game that I played in my teen years and it took me 3 years to finish that game, Yes! 3 years! The reason for that was that there were many puzzles that we could not solve that time, in the game. Because of this, we used to abandon the game for months until any elder cousin would play the game and solve it for us.

For now, as an adult, I have revisited that game multiple time in this lockdown and has enjoyed every bit of it.

Video Games Are As Good As Movies

God of War Game of The Year 2018
God of War: Game of The Year 2018

This may sound a bit weird but the same is true in many games nowadays. Many big games today are story-based and have a story complementing the gameplay.

The stories of games like Last of Us, Uncharted, God Of War, Halo etc. are not less than a movie. The background music, the camera angles, the storyline, all are developed just like a movie.

Along with the similarity with movies, the one thing that differentiates it from movies is the fact that you control the characters, which is even more significant. You have the control to bend the story as you like.

One should not be judged for choosing to play a game instead of watching a movie as both are a source of entertainment.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-Eye Coordination ImageIt cannot be denied that hand-eye coordination improves when you play games. Be it a PC, a game console, or a smartphone, good coordination is required between your hands and eyes to play the game properly.

If you want to watch real hand-eye coordination then you should watch Tekken or PUBG players playing the games with pixel precision. People playing on computers use keyboards to play games, as a result, they learn key positions quickly and are able to type significantly faster.

Time-Off From the Real Life Problems

Gaming Room for BreaksWhile some like to go to clubs, movies or restaurants for a break, many others like to stay home. People enjoy their leisure time sleeping, watching movies at home, or play their favourite video games.

Video games give you a break from real-life and take you into a world where all you want is to eliminate that last player to win the Chicken Dinner or end that last mission to finish the game.

When you are playing a video game, you forget about all the problems for some time and enjoy your time to the fullest. When playing a game, you are into it and your priority is, scoring that winning goal, defeating the main boss or be the last man standing.

These little things help us de-stress our minds and find some happiness in our lives.

Source of Livelihood

Mortal: PUBG StreamerGaming is no more a thing only for kids, it has become a sport. Gaming is considered as an e-sport and rightly so because you need to have a lot of experience and practice in order to become a good gamer who can play amongst the best in the world.

As mentioned above, playing a game requires good hand-eye coordination and hence, makes gaming a sport. Games like PUBG, Counter Strike, Tekken 7 are very competitive and one can earn good money using their gaming skills through YouTube or by pursuing gaming professionally by participating in competitions.

Concluding Words

So, guys, these were my thoughts on why gaming is not a kid’s play. Gaming is something that can be enjoyed by anyone. Even our parents enjoy gaming when they play Candy Crush on their phones. They play it because they like solving such mini-puzzles that are far easier than life’s struggles and problems.

What do you think about this? Do you think that games are for kids only?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us have a healthy discussion on the same.

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