How to create Strong Passwords Easily Yourself (and Remember them)

How to Create Strong Passwords Easily by Yourself (and Remember them)

Strong passwords are the strong locks of the digital world. In today’s digital age, it is very difficult to stay safe and secure, both in the real as well as the digital world.
The only thing different with these digital locks is that we decide its strength. It can be too easy to break or too tough. Today, I am going to tell you how you can easily make strong and easy to remember passwords without much efforts.
In this article, I am going to share with you an easy trick to create and remember strong passwords easily after using which you will yourself become a strong password generator. This trick is not only gonna help you create passwords but will help you in remembering them easily. I am also going to tell you how to create tough PINs so that you can keep your UPI IDs safe too. Let’s start then.

How to Create a Strong Password?

There are many ways to create a strong passwords. The most common advice that is given is to use symbols in your password which is indeed a great way to create tough passwords. But this article is not only about creating strong passwords but also about remembering them. Using special symbols can surely strengthen up your password but can take a toll on your memory. 
These tricks have personally been tested by me and I assure you that these will be one of the best tricks to use and easy ones too.

Here’s how you can create a strong password that you can easily remember too:

  • Think of your favourite song, dialogue, movie, TV show (I prefer song lyrics and movie dialogues)
  • Select your favourite one and write it down
  • After writing it down, simply note the first letter of every word and Voila! Here’s your new password
The above trick seems to be too easy and ridiculous right? Let me show you with an example and create a new password right here right now. For example, I am using “Pachtaoge” song lyrics (no specific reason here).
Let’s start with any line, let’s choose “O Mujhe Chhod Kar Jo Tum Jaaoge, Bada Pachtaoge, Bada Pachtaoge” (already told ya, no specific reason here).
Let’s take the first letter of every word, OMCKJTJBPBP, well that looks interesting, though the first three letters remind you of a cuss word, it is not the point here (it will be later, keep reading).

As you can see, we have got for ourselves an eleven letter password which is not tough to remember. You can use this trick for any movie dialogue also and create a strong and easy to remember password.

You can now add your favorite common terms or symbol to this password making it even more difficult. For instance, you can add “@210794” so that this mofo is even more difficult to crack. 

It is up to you how you want your password to be.

What to do if we want to change our super tough passwords?

This is a good question, though the above method is really good but still, you may want to change your passwords because who knows, if anyone gets to know your trick and favorite song/dialogue. Also, this is one thing which makes my method better than using a strong password generator. It is strongly suggested to not use this “Pachtaoge” song as every other broken-hearted guy loves this song. You should select any song of which you can find the lyrics on the internet.
Now, let’s see an easy method to use recycle your old but still tough password. Let me tell you it is easier than you thought.
All you have to do is just change one or two letters as per your convenience. You can change the lyrics of the song as per your liking.
Let’s understand it with the “Pachtaoge” song again. 

You need to just change the lyrics from “O Mujhe Chhod Kar Jo Tum Jaaoge, Bada Pachtaoge, Bada Pachtaoge” to “O Mujhe Chhod Kar Jo Tum Jaaoge, NAHI Pachtaoge, NAHI Pachtaoge”. No, you don’t have to re-write the song and release it, just change the lyrics in your mind and create the new password which will be OMCKJTJNPNP. 

As you can see, the password is now changed, it is again difficult and can still be remembered. Similarly, you can change any word and the letter will be changed automatically.

How to create a strong PIN code for UPI ID or other such codes?

Well, this trick isn’t as doesn’t create very tough PIN but it can surely make it tough to crack. Unlike passwords, PIN are very small and easy to crack as there are only 4 digits to guess. However, nowadays, there are 6 digit PIN codes that are a bit more secure than 4 digit ones. As PIN only have an option to use numbers only hence, it is fairly easy to guess what 4 digit number could be, it could be a combination of birth-date and month or month with year or digits of a phone number. These are some common ways one creates a UPI PIN. Creating a safe and easy to remember PIN is really tough as one will have to remember those random numbers too.
One thing you can do is create a PIN by adding some numbers to the 4 digit or 6 digit code that you remember. Let me show you this with an example, suppose you were born on 21-07-1905 and plan to use PIN such as 2107, 0705 or 2105 then, you can simply add 1 to each digit making the numbers as 3218, 1816 or 3216 respectively. It is not a very difficult number to guess but it is surely not as easy as your birth-date. You can also add any other number other than 1 or can simply toughen it up by adding something such as 22 or 33 to the number you have chosen.
So, these were some of the tricks to create tough and easy to remember passwords. Use these tricks and safeguard your bank details, your chats, your photos and everything else dear to you.
Also, don’t you hate when something as shown below happens to you?
How to create Strong Passwords Easily without any Strong Password Generator (and Remember them)
Do you have any other better method of creating a strong password without using a strong password generator? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.
If you have any doubt to clear or info to share, then you can comment down below or message me on Insta, FB or WhatsApp, anywhere you want. Thanks for reading!

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