How to Play Tekken 6 on Android

How to Play Tekken 6 on Android Using PPSSPP

If you are a 90s kid then there is hardly a possibility that you haven’t played the famous game Tekken 3. The game was a hit among Indian kids who used to go to gaming shops where they used to play this game for hours.

The most popular characters in Tekken 3 among the kids were Paul, King, Nina, Law, Eddy etc.

Time has changed since then, you can play games that are 10 times better graphically than Tekken 3 on your Android device.

However, the inner kid in us still finds this game to be amazing. The game has reached it’s 7th part since then, which can be played on high-end consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game’s 6th version called Tekken 6 was released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP.

Today, we are going to play Tekken 6 on Android devices using PPSSPP, a PSP Emulator for Android.

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Tekken 6 is not a light game and you will need an Android device with a processor better than Snapdragon 625, which is the processor I have in my Android device. The game can be played at full speed without any lags in my Redmi Note 4 which has this Snapdragon 625 processor.

Let’s see what you have to do for Tekken 6 game install in Android phone.

How To Set Up PPSSPP to play Tekken 6?

Step 1: Go to this link and click on the orange download option, the Tekken 6 free download file (aka ROM) is 730 MB in size. If the downloaded file is in a zip file, you will have to extract the game file first, for extraction of the game file, you can download this app.Tekken 6 Download Link

Step 2: After you are done downloading Tekken 6 PPSSPP download zip, install PPSSPP from Google Play Store through this link.

Step 3: Open PPSSPP (emulator) and search for the extracted Tekken 6 game file in the Games column as shown in the image below and tap on it to start the game. The game file will be in the “Download” folder or the location you move it to (I transferred the game file from PC hence it is not visible in “Download” folder.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Game folder

If your phone is better than mine then you won’t face any problem running this game.

What To Do If Your Game Lags?

After following the above-mentioned steps, if the Tekken 6 game still lags on your device, you can try the below-given methods.

If the game doesn’t work perfectly on your device, then you can tap on the back button of your phone and go to the Game settings option.PPSSPP Game Settings option

All the options mentioned below can be found in the Game Settings.

Under the “Graphics” option, change the following things:

  • Under the “Rendering mode”, try changing the “Backend” from “OpenGL” to “Vulkan” or vice versa, use whichever works fine for you.Rendering mode PPSSPP
  • Under the “Framerate Control”, try changing the Frameskipping from Off to 1 for better performance, the game will run smoother but with the lesser 30FPS.Framerate Control PPSSPP
  • If the above methods don’t work, you can go to the “Performance” section and tap on “Rendering Resolution” to increase/decrease the resolution for a better visual experience.Rendering Resolution
    Note: Normally, “2x PSP” works fine on my device i.e. Redmi Note 4. If you have a better device, then you can try increasing the same.

Apart from the above-mentioned settings, you don’t need to change any other settings if your device is better than mine.

Audio” settings can be used to change the volume of the game audio settings.Audio settings

How Do I Change Tekken 6 PPSSPP Controls?

Under the “Controls” option, you can map the controls on your controller, if you attach one to your device. You can also change the on-screen buttons from the “Edit Touch Control Layout” option in the “On-screen touch controls” option. All the other Tekken 6 PPSSPP Controls can be changed in this section.Control

You don’t need to change any other settings and are now good to go with your game. You can play any other PSP game on your Android device, provided your phone can handle it.

Parting Words

I really enjoy playing Tekken 6 on my device and also play this game on PC using the PC version of PPSSPP. If you have any doubts related to any of the above-mentioned things, you can write that in the comments below.

Here is a video of me playing Tekken 6 on my Redmi Note 4.


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