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How to Recover Deleted Photos & Files from Any Device

Losing your data is never a good thing. Hence, it hurts a lot when any of any kind of electronic storage devices gets damaged. The most common fear in such cases is the loss of data such as files, photos, videos etc. stored in the device.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can recover deleted photos, videos and other files from various devices using recovery software and other methods.

How do I Recover My Files?

The method to recover deleted files of any type is different on different platforms. Data recovery software are different for different platforms. Let’s see how you can do file recovery on various platforms.

Data Recovery for Android

Android is the most used operating system in smartphones. There are hundreds of software available for data recovery on Google PlayStore. We will be seeing three of the most used software for the same.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

It is one of the most popular apps on android for photo recovery. Here are the quick steps to use this app:

Step 1: Open the app and tap on “Start Basic Photo Scan” option. You can also use the “Full Scan” option but you will have to root your device for the same.DiskDigger Step 1

Step 2: Once you tap on the scan button, the app will search and recover deleted files that have not been overwritten.DiskDigger Step 2

After the process is complete, you can choose to either recover deleted photos or delete them permanently.

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Undeleter Restore Files & Data

If you are looking to recover files other than photos then you can use Undeleter app. This app requires root access but lets you do many types of files other than simple photos and videos.

You can use this app to recover any mistakenly-deleted important file from your android device. The process to recover such files is pretty easy.

Step 1: Install the app from PlayStore, open it and give it root access.

Step 2: After root access is verified by the app, you will get three options: Restore files, Restore data and Shred. Choose the Restore files or Restore data option as per your need and tap on “Next”.

Step 3: Choose the storage that you want to recover your file/data from, and choose the Journal Scan (quick), Deep Scan (slow but better) or Generic Scan as per your need.

Step 4: Select the kind of file you want the app to scan and the app will find it for you.

So, as you can see, it is not much difficult to recover your files on android. All you need is a good app for the same and your work is done.

Data Recovery for iOS

Everyone knows that iOS is a secured and super-closed platform. Hence, there are no such data recovery software available on the AppStore. If you want any kind of photo recovery or data recovery from an iOS device, then you will have to use a Windows PC or a Mac device. There are some software that you can use to extract deleted data from your device.

Dr. Fone (Paid)

Dr. Fone is one of the most famous data recovery software used for multiple iOS devices along with Android devices. You can recover a variety of data using this software. You can also system repair, backup your phone and transfer your data from one phone to another and many other things using this software.

To use this software, here are the quick steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC and open Dr. Fone, you will get options like these.Dr. Fone Step 1

Step 2: Tap on Data Recovery option and select Recover iOS data option.

Step 3: Select the files you want to recover and click on “Start Scan”.

Step 4: After your deleted files are located by Dr. Fone, you get the option of either restoring the files on the device or on computer, choose one that seems apt to you.Dr. Fone Step 4

You can use this software for android smartphones as well for data recovery and other features as Dr. Fone supports both android and iOS.

UltData (Paid)

UltData is another good software to recover deleted files on iOS devices. The app is specially designed for iOS devices and provides an option for data recovery options from iOS devices or from iTunes backup. In this tool, you also get the option to recover data from iCloud and fix any iOS system related issues on your device. Using UltData is really easy, you only have to follow a few steps:

Step 1: Install UltData from this link and open it.

Step 2: Choose the location you want to restore your data from, this includes iOS devices, iCloud or iTunes Backup, and click on “Scan”.UltData Step 1

Step 3: You will get a list of all the recovered files, pick the ones you want to recover and press “Recover” to get restore the deleted files.UltData Step 2

So, these were some of the software for iOS data recovery on iPhones and iPads. Please note that the software is paid and will cost you a few bucks if you want to recover your files.

Data Recovery for Windows

Just like android, Windows is the most used operating system in the world of computers. It is used by more than 90% of computer users.

While the Windows operating system provides a recycle bin to restore files you deleted, there may be some times when you will accidentally delete some important files permanently.

A permanent delete will make the deleted file unavailable in recycle bin and you will have no way to restore that file. Here comes the use of a file recovery software in Windows. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Recuva is one of the most used data recovery software on Windows. The software is easy to use and can be used to recover a variety of files. The files that Recuva can recover include pictures, music, documents, videos, compressed files and emails.

Using Recuva is pretty easy, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the program, the first startup will provide you the option to choose the type of files to recover. Select “All Files” if you want to recover all type of files.Recuva Step 1

Step 2: After selecting the file type, select the drive you want to be checked for the deleted file. You will need to select the drive where the file was present before deleting. You can select “I’m not sure” if you don’t remember the location.Recuva Step 2

Step 3: Select “Deep Scan” if your file could not be found in previous quick scans, else you can click on “Start”.Recuva Step 3

After all the steps are completed and file have been scanned, the recovered files will be shown on the screen. It is highly recommended to select the specified folder in order to avoid getting a list of thousands of files recovered, which will make recovering the original file a tedious task.

Data Recovery for Linux

Linux is an open-sourced and free operating system which is widely used by tech enthusiasts around the world.

The one advantage of such an operating system is the ease of data recovery from such systems. You only need to open the terminal and put some commands and you are good to go.

Here are the instructions for file recovery in Linux:

Step 1: Press the Window button and type terminal on the search bar and start the Terminal program.

Step 2: In the terminal, type “sudo apt install testdisk” to install TestDisk.

Step 3: After installation is complete, type “testdisk” in the terminal to start TestDisk.

Step 4: Use the arrow keys to move your cursor in the terminal. Go to “Create” and press ENTER.

Step 5: A list of all drives will appear on the screen, choose the drive where you want to retrieve your data from. If the drive to extract data from, is not visible then, you will have to go to “sudo” option and press ENTER.

Step 6: You will now get the list of all the drives in your computer system, just select the drive from where you want to retrieve data and click on Proceed.

Step 7: After this, select the “None” option when asked to select the partition and then choose Advanced.

Step 8: Choose Undelete and press enter. You will be greeted with the files that you have deleted, choose the file you want to recover and press “c” to create a copy of that file.

And that is how you do it in Linux, simple and easy. You can refer to the below video if you find the steps confusing.

Data Recovery for MacOS

Unlike iOS, Apple’s MacOS is more open when it comes to usage and file recovery. There are multiple software that you can use for any sort of data recovery or file recovery. Let’s see some of these programs.

Recoverit (Paid)

Recoverit is a data recovery software by Wondershare that you can use to recover data and other kinds of files on MacOS and also Windows. This software is straightforward to use and you can recover your lost data within a few steps.

Step 1: Download Recoverit from the official website and install it.

Step 2: Select a location or a folder to recover the file from, and click on “Start”.Recoverit Step 1

Step 3: You will get a list of all the files that were recovered and will get to choose all that you want to recover. Select the files and click on “Recover”.Recoverit Step 2

Please note that you may need to buy the subscription for this program. However, if your files are really important then, it would be worth it.


So, guys, these were some of the software and programs that you can use to recover your android, iOS and other devices.

The only issue with the software and programs listed in this article is that most of them are paid. But if the data is essential then it is okay to pay some amount to get it back.

It is always good to make multiple backups of important data and files on the cloud and other storage devices to ensure that it is not lost because of any mistake or error.

I use Google Drive Sync on my laptop to ensure that my important files are safe from any kind of uncertain danger. I highly recommend you to use cloud storage to safeguard your data.

You can also create multiple copies of important files to ensure that you have a copy of it in case you delete one.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you will use the software mentioned in this article to help yourself out.

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