iOS Tweaked apps - How to install and everything else (2020)

iOS Tweaked apps – How to install and everything else (2021)

Since the onset of iOS, it has been considered as one of the most secure operating system operating in the world. However, this has changed in the last few years. Many new iOS tweaked apps and games have arisen that allow an iOS user to install apps from a source in lieu of the AppStore. This has opened doors for many iOS modded apps that was possible only in Android devices till now.

What are iOS tweaked apps?

iOS tweaked apps are basically some iOS modded apps which can be installed and run without the need of any iOS jailbreaking. In simple words, it is like installing apps on an android device using a store other than Google Play Store. These apps can be installed through unofficial stores that are mostly available online to install. Installing these stores in your iOS device is pretty easy and anyone can do it on their iOS devices without the need of any iOS jailbreaking.

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From where can I install there iOS tweaked apps?

As also stated above, you can install iOS tweaked apps from various unofficial app stores. These app stores have various iOS tweaked apps, emulators and modded apps that are not available on the official AppStore. To name a few, some of the famous app stores are IOS Haven, Tweakbox, Appvalley, Tutu app etc. You can get all kinds of apps in these stores. You can use these apps and spend your time during this quarantine watching TV shows, movies, playing games etc. You can contribiute in fight against Coronavirus directly from home through your pc, read this article to know how.

Let’s see how to install these apps on your iOS device, for this, we are choosing IOS Haven.

Step 1: Open on the Safari browser and click on the black/yellow “Install” button, please note that it is mandatory to use Safari browser. You will be forwarded to a page asking you to add IOS Haven to your home screen, do it (just do it!)

iOS Tweaked apps

Step 2: Tap on IOS Haven shortcut icon on the home screen, you will get a screen like this

iOS Tweaked apps


Step 3: Tap on the app/game you want. You will have two options, namely, “IPA” and “GET”, if you see “x” sign with any of the options, then that means that option is not working.

iOS Tweaked apps

Step 4:
Install the app and go to “General” option in “Settings” and go to “Device Management” option tap on “Trust” or “Verify” for the new app installed

iOS Tweaked apps

Is installing iOS hacked apps safe?

iOS has always been a safe platform but since these apps have been installed from a third-party app-stores hence there is always a risk of data collection by the developers of these apps. It is always a compromise when it comes between privacy and convenience, you can read more about the same in this article.

How do these iOS modded apps work?

Apple now allows installation of third-party apps, hence developers of apps such as IOS Haven buy Apple’s Enterprise Developer certificates and installing such apps give common users the ability to install and run tweaked apps not available on the AppStore. Installing such app stores allow users to download and install any app that has been installed from that store.

What type of iOS Apps are available in these stores?

There are various types of apps available on these app stores. You can get paid apps and tweaked apps for free in these stores.

Appstore Apps

In these stores, you can get several paid apps for free. You can get paid version of apps such as Spotify, YouTube, Saavn, etc. for free through these app stores.

iOS Tweaked Apps

These are some basic apps that have been tweaked for an enhances experience. This section consists of modded and tweaked version of apps like Instagram, YouTube Facebook, Snapchat etc.

Modded Games

These are what the name suggest a modded version of games available on Appstore. This section includes mods for various hit games such as 8 Ball Pool, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale etc.

Remember, these mods are for only for fun, in case, you want the real experience of any game then it is highly suggested to go with the original one, also, using any iOS tweaked apps/mods may result in banning in some competitive games. So, these were the iOS tweaked apps that you can install on your iOS devices and enjoy many things that you would have got only after you jailbreak your device.

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