Online Podcasts are the new radios, here’s why you should listen to them

Online Podcasts are the New Radios, Here’s Why You Should Listen To Them

Everybody likes speed, whether it is a YouTube video buffering or a line at the bank to update the passbooks. Irrespective of the age of an individual, she/he will always be more interested in finishing a task as soon as possible. People nowadays have no time, because of this sole reason, we have seen a huge increase in popularity of online podcasts and short videos.
Podcasts, particularly, have caught a lot of attention in the past few years. Introduced in 2004, after 16 years, this media has gained some traction and is now consumed worldwide. As per the data provided by Apple in WWDC’s 2018 edition, 550,000 active podcasts and 18.5 million podcast episodes were being broadcasted daily. This data clearly shows that this form of media is here to stay.
Lets dive in and see what this PODCAST is all about:

Podcast Meaning – What are these?

Podcasts are basically audio episodes of anything. The word ‘Podcast’ was formed by combining the word ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. Back when online podcasts were not that famous, I always used to think that podcasts meant something that can only be played in an iPod only. From that iPod to any typical Android device, podcasts have penetrated pretty well. Podcasts can now be simply listened in any device with internet access.

Why are these podcasts app in trend?

The reason for the podcasts getting so popular in 2020 is the fact that nowadays we are too busy. Nobody has the time to watch long videos. However, listening to music and podcasts online is far less resource intensive as it only requires just listening what is being played which is the easiest thing to do. One advantage of listening to online podcasts over watching videos is that it can be done while doing other work/things, moreover, you can listen to podcasts even in the Metro/Rail/Bus or any other transport irrespective of the number of people in your coach.
There is a reason why famous music apps such as JioSaavn, Gaana, Spotify, etc. are providing free podcasts on their app and websites, to its audience. This also shows that audience is interested listening to podcasts online and these apps are taking notice of it.

What is the content I can find in online podcasts?

Podcasts have become a thing which intellectuals listen to. Content that you can find in podcasts are interviews, discussions, stories, news etc.
If you ask me what kind of podcasts you should listen then, I will straightaway suggest you listen to discussions and interviews of different kind of people. One can learn many things from these podcasts as you get to know different type of people who have achieved many things in life but aren’t covered by media.
One beautiful aspect of podcasts is the fact that you can absorb the content whether you are actively listening to it or not. Even if you are not listening to it actively, your mind still absorbs the content subconsciously if not consciously which is such an awesome thing. Also, as these are simply audio hence, does not require high quality earphones to listen to and also consume very less space as compared to other media.

Which is the best Podcast app for Android?

You can listen to podcasts online as well as through an Android app. One can listen to podcasts on most of the music app nowadays. There is no such best podcast app for Android as all the apps have almost similar features and there is nothing unique about any of the podcasts app that I have used till now, you can share any good app you think is the best app for Android or any other platform. You can listen to podcasts on Spotify, Gaana, Saavn or any other music apps like these. Most of the free podcasts are available on these apps. But, I would recommend you to listen to podcasts on podcasts specific app because they offer you a better experience in comparison to the music apps. You can also listen to podcasts online on website counterparts of the apps discussed in here.As far as free podcasts apps are concerned, here are some of the best apps for listening to podcasts:

Podcasts worth listening to (Recommendations)

It would be hypocritical of me to talk all good about podcasts and not listen to any of them. Hence, I am sharing my favorite podcasts that I listen to, you can also listen to them using any good podcast app. The podcast app that I use to listen to podcasts is Castbox which you can easily find on Play Store or AppStore, there are thousands of free podcast you can listen on this app or any other podcast app you like.
Here are some of the free popular online
podcasts worth listening to:
The Joe Rogan Experience

Podcasts are the new radios, here’s why you should listen to it
Starting with one of the most famous podcasts in English in the whole world. This podcast is hosted by Joe Rogan who is a comedian and a former MMA commentator, we remember him as the host of Fear Factor that used to broadcast in AXN channel. In this podcast, you will see Joe Rogan talking with various personalities which includes famous personalities such as Elon Musk (Owner of Tesla), Wiz Khalifa (Artist), Robert Downey Jr. (Actor aka Iron Man) etc. and many other personalities who are not from the TVs and Movie industry but are Achievers in their field. Do listen to this podcast channel, you will learn about a lot of new things through it.
The Ranveer Show
Podcasts are the new radios, here’s why you should listen to it
This is a show similar to the Joe Rogan’s one but it is an Indian one where you will get to listen to many Indian personalities and their insights on various topics. This podcast is one of the best podcasts in India and is hosted by Ranveer Allahbadia who himself is a renowned YouTuber and an Entrepreneur.
Podcasts are the new radios, here’s why you should listen to it
This podcast is hosted by Zakir Khan aka ‘Sakht Launda’. In this podcast, Zakir shares his insights and views on different aspects of life and discusses the same with his guest for the evening. This podcast is exclusively available only on Do give it a listen if you want to know the other side of Zakir Khan and learn some important life lessons along the way.
Paranormal Reality
Podcasts are the new radios, here’s why you should listen to it
If you are into paranormal and ghost stories then this is the one podcast you should listen to. This podcast is presented by Jay Alani who is a paranormal investigator. Do give this podcast a listen if you like to listen to such stories and are interested. The stories are not that scary and somewhat informative.
So, these were some of the podcasts that I listen to, there are various other things you can listen on podcasts such as news, funny stories etc.
So go ahead and download your favorite podcasts app and start listening. Do provide any suggestion or thoughts in the comments section below.

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