Swachch Cache Abhiyan

Swachch Cache Abhiyan

“Chal ja saale kutte!!”, shouted my friend whose flagship phone bought last year lagged while making a call. It is weird as well as a little shocking to see that a phone that was blazing fast last year is no more the fastest, it lagged like any other android phone and behaved like a mid-range one and that too only after a year.

Android devices have been around for almost 10 years and this problem still exists. Android OS has been like this forever since the beginning. Any android user feels a little jealous when s/he sees her/his friend using a 2-year-old iPhone 6s with buttery smooth animations.

Since the lagging problem is very much prominent in android, almost every android user tries to find a solution to this problem and goes to the Google Play Store to find its solution. On opening the Play Store, s/he is bombarded with thousands of rocket and jhaadoo apps (Hum safai karenge ji!) that claim to make your phone 2 times or n times faster and remove lags. Now, after finding so many apps, the user installs the coolest looking jhaadoo or rocket app with the highest rating. Now this user has an app that will make the phone as fast as new.

Cache Cleaning – Beginning of the 2nd Phase

Then, starts another phase. Yes! you guessed it right, in this phase, the user adds a widget of that cleaner app s/he downloaded and clears the cache every now and then. It almost becomes a habit for him/her to send that Spacex rocket away along with the app cache of multiple apps or broom away the cache memory of the android device she/he is using. It is so prominent nowadays that sometimes the teacher in the class asks students,”Khana khana bhulte ho? Rocket udana bhulte ho? Then…HOMEWORK karna kaise bhool gaye?”.
Now, the question that arises is why we use apps? Let me answer it for you. We use apps to reduce our efforts in doing a particular task and let the app do it for us. Now, these cleaner apps do their work ONLY if WE (the user) use that widget sitting on our screen, not once but for the whole freaking day!
These apps clear “cache”, the purpose of which is to keep your phone fast by saving all the data related to frequently used apps in the cache memory. And how these apps plan to make your phone faster? By cleaning that same cache memory, Haha! Wow! slow claps for them.
What if I tell you that you don’t need all those apps to keep your phone smooth? Yes, you do not need such apps and even no internet to keep your phone smooth.

Let’s have a look at what to do to solve this problem

  • Go to Settings > Storage > Cached data.
  • Tap on it and it will ask whether you want to clear it, just click “Yes

In case, you want to do it for a specific app then,

  • Go to the “App Manager” in “Settings” and in the “App Info” menu of the app, just find and tap the “Clear Cache” option and it’s done

Voila! you just made your phone smooth. And yes! you don’t need to do it every day, just do it once in 7 days or 15 days, depending on your laziness, I am very active so I do it once every 38 days.

So, have a little self-belief and always keep in mind that the power is in you, go ahead and clean those racks and showcases your mother has told you to. I did it already hence got some time to write this article.
Thanks for reading.

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