Why are these Apple ear-pods clones so popular among offline buyers?

Why are these Apple earpods clone so popular among offline buyers?

If you bump into a person in Delhi, there is a 90% chance that the person was wearing a pair of earphones listening to music. Earphones are one of the things that are popular nowadays only because of the popularity of smartphones. Any smartphone without earphones is like an elephant without ears.

There are thousands of good options for buying earphones when it comes to the online market. However, when we look at the offline market, the only choice is buying from vendors sitting near the Metro stations or a local mobile shop that sell the same product as metro vendors albeit at a higher price.

If you go to one of these vendors you will find two to three types of different earphones which include in-earphones, fake Samsung earphones and Apple earpods clones. Now, you don’t even need to guess which one of those earphones are the most popular ones, obviously, the Apple Earpods, the clone ones.

Why are these Apple ear-pods clones so popular among offline buyers?

Why are these Apple earpods clones priced higher?

These Apple earpods clones are designed exactly like original ones, at least from the outside. This imitation of the actual earpods gives them a better fit and better sound output than its counterparts available at the same price range.

Go to any of those Metro station vendors, you will see that the highest priced earphones are Apple earpods clone only, the obvious reason being its design. Now, is the design the only reason? Not really.

I bought these Apple earpods clones (The one in the image at the beginning) from Nehru Place for Rs. 90/- after one of my friends, Ujjwal Gogia, recommended me the same who is a musician so, I knew it would be worth it, you can check his YouTube channel and listen to his originals and covers.

This price seems to be quite high when it comes to the offline market as local in-earphones are cheaper and usually come at Rs. 50/-.

One of the best things about these Apple earpods clones as said before is its design. It is designed just like actual Apple earpods and hence, fits perfectly just the way Apple wanted it to be.

The same can be said for its quality which is what you would expect at Rs. 90/- but not as bad as the actual Apple earpods which break down easily within a few months even after costing you thousands.

For a clone, I would say, you can use it for a minimum of 5-6 months easily provided you take care of it (Major factor).

How Good is the Sound Quality of These Apple Earpods?

Even though they’re only for Rs. 100/-. The sound quality is pretty good for this price. The sound quality may not be the best but it’s far from the worst. These earphones are perfect for daily commuters who listen to songs every day while going to and fro from home to office.

The sound is very clear and you can listen to any type of song except one, and that is songs with heavy bass. The kryptonite to this Superman is the High Bass. These earpods are not high-bass friendly. If you love bass then, sadly, you will have to buy better earphones which start from Rs. 399/-.

These Apple earpods have good clarity which is far better than the in-earphones that are sold alongside it in the offline market. Those in-earphones do not have any clarity and it seems that you are listening to a song through a water-pipe. Compared to that, these earpods are way better and offer you an audio experience which you cannot get even at almost triple its price.

The closest competitor of these earphones is Philips SHE1350 which also offers similar quality but isn’t as easily available as these earpods.
Music is not the only thing you will enjoy using these earpods, check this article to know more.

Should You Buy these Apple Earpods?

If you love listening to music on your way to office/college and are not disappointed by the absence of high bass then you can buy the Apple earpods clone else you can always buy better and branded earphones at a higher price.

I would recommend you try these at least once as it is for Rs. 90/- only.

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