Why every PUBG Mobile player should use this PUB Gfx tool?

Why Every BGMI Player Should Use This PUB Gfx tool?

PUBG Mobile (now BGMI) was announced almost two years ago in India. Since then, it has gained millions of users that play the game everyday. The people playing this game are not only gamers but casual gamers too who play the game only for time pass. For instance, I once saw a man in his 30s playing PUBG Mobile with a mouthful of gutkha in his mouth, just imagine getting killed by such a player because he had a better smartphone. This shows that this game is played by a large variety of players.

Can we talk about the tool for PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile (BGMI) has such a large audience that the devices being used to play this game are diverse, a player may own an iPhone 11 to play this game whereas another one will have a Redmi Note 8 Pro for the same and someone will even have a Redmi 8. For serving such a large audience the game needs to be highly optimized but the same is not possible as there are thousands of different components that are being used in different smartphones.
Tencent mobiles tried their best to cover the low-end device users and launched PUBG Mobile Lite for players with low-spec devices but that version has lesser features.
To solve the problem of playing real PUBG mobile on low-spec device, there are hundreds of tools available on Google Play Store.
Today we’re gonna discuss one of the best PUBG Mobile tool that actually works. The tool we will talk about today is PUB Gfx Tool. This is the only tool that I have used till now and haven’t got any type of ban for using it. This is one of the best apps available on Play Store that you aren’t using but is very helpful, to know about more of such useful apps on Android, read this article.
Quick Bit: PUBG Mobile is now BGMI in India, and is now available for both iOS and Amdroid. This tool supports BGMI!!

What does PUB Gfx tool for BGMI do?

The PUB Gfx Tool lets you tweak various settings that the game does not provide to the user. Some settings, such as enabling and disabling shadow improves the performance of the game drastically. This tool is so powerful that if your device presently runs the game at 40fps in smooth settings, then you can play it at 60fps using this PUB Gfx tool. Similarly, on a low spec device, you can play BGMI without any lags using this tool.

PUB Gfx Tool Ban – Is it Real?

Every BGMI player loves increasing their levels in the game. Such players don’t use PUB Gfx tool as they think that using such a tool will result in ban. But I would like to tell you that using PUB Gfx tool or PUB Gfx tool Pro does not result in any ban. I have been using the tool for more than 6 months and haven’t faced any ban since then. You can use this tool without any tension and enjoy the game in a better way.

How to use PUB Gfx tool in your device?

Follow the steps shown below to download this app for PUBG Mobile
  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search and download PUB Gfx tool
  • Open the tool and tinker the settings as per your liking
  • Tap on “Apply” and run BGMI

What to do if I just want to play BGMI lag-free using this tool?

If you simply want to play the game lag-free, You can do these things as mentioned below:
  • Reduce the resolution- You can reduce the resolution to decrease any lags. You can reduce it down to 640×480 pixels if this suits your device. Usually, two levels lower than your device resolution is fine but you can go lower according to your device’s performance. For example, you can set 800×600 pixels or 960×540 if your device has a 720p screen and so on.
  • Set FPS- You can also set the maximum FPS in order to have a stable gameplay experience. You can set the FPS to 30 for a decent gaming experience. For a better experience, you can also increase it up to 60fps but that will affect your battery heavily as it would require heavy CPU usage.

What does this PUB Gfx Tool offer?

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile
This tool comes with a variety of settings which you can apply on BGMI and play your game at a better frame-rate than before. Some settings that this app provides you to tinker with are as follows:
General Settings
Basic Graphics Settings
Miscellaneous Settings (For high-end devices)
Advance Settings
Experimental Settings (Only for testing purposes)
Let’s discuss in detail what this BGMI tool called PUB Gfx Tool has to offer:

General Settings

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile


It contains the general settings that you can change. The settings available in it are as follows:

Best settings for your device (Pro version only)

This setting in PUB Gfx tool allows you to search the best settings for your device, there’s a large database of settings profile that has been uploaded by other users, you can use the best settings for your device as per your liking and play the game accordingly. This feature is only available for people using the Pro version of this app which is available for ₹45/- on the Google Play Store. This feature is not the most important one though and not everyone will need this feature. You can easily change the game settings manually.

Game Variant

In this setting, you only have to select the version of BGMI that you have installed on your device. There are various versions such as versions for Korea, Taiwan, China, Global, Global (beta). These versions are updated regularly whenever the official BGMI app is updated.


It is simply the resolution which you want to set for the game, you have many resolutions to choose from. It is advisable to choose the resolution that a bit lesser than device’s resolution for a better performance of the game.


Use this option to restore your original graphics settings.

Basic Graphics Settings



It lets you select the graphics settings that you want to play the game on. The options available in this setting option are Smooth, Balanced, HD and HDR.


You can select the FPS you want to play the game on which are as follows:
  • Low (20FPS)
  • Medium (25FPS)
  • High (30FPS)
  • Ultra (40FPS)
  • Extreme (60FPS)
  • Extreme (120FPS)


These are the styles available by default in the game which are as follows:
  • Classic
  • Colorful
  • Realistic
  • Soft
  • Movie


This is one of the most important settings for PUBG Mobile and can drastically improve your gameplay. This setting lets you disable or enable shadows in the game. Turning off the shadows provides a better gaming experience. Detailed shadow settings are available in the Pro version of this app where you can change many other shadow settings.


It stands for Multi-sampling anti-aliasing. Enabling this setting improves the quality of the image for a better visual experience. It can be disabled for better performance and also, it’s level can set from 1x to 3x.
You can also change other anti-aliasing such as FXAA, Anisotropic level in the Pro version of this app.
These mentioned settings are available in the free version of the app. Many other features are available in the Pro version of the app. This Pro version comes for only Rs. 45 and is worth every single Rupee spent on it. On the Pro version, you have some other useful settings which are available for demo in the free version such as:
  • Potato Graphics: Enables minimum texture quality for those devices in which the game lags.
  • Simple Shaders: Helps in improving graphics of the game.
  • Safe Mode: Enables some precautions to avoid any kind of ban by using this app.
  • Save Sensitivity Settings: Prevents resetting of the button layout settings which is a common issue if you use this app.
Along with these, there are some experimental settings that are probably in beta stage right now, you can also use these settings but as these are experimental hence they may sometimes not work properly.

Miscellaneous Settings (For high-end devices)

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile
These settings are for high-end devices only and are available only in the Pro Version.
There are various advanced settings that are not available to a normal user. These settings are as follows:

Colour Format

This setting lets you choose the colour format between 32-bit and 64-bit.

Graphics Rendering Level

It lets you set the rendering level for graphics which includes low, medium and high level. Choose low-level for the highest frame-rate while playing.

Objects and Material LOD Distance

LOD stands for Level of Detail, these two settings give you option of low, medium and high. This setting determines whether the objects and materials far away from the player will be displayed with low, medium or high detail.

Detail Mode

It let you set Detail level from 1x to 2x.

Light Effects

It lets you set the light effects among low, medium and high.

Advance Graphics (Only available in Pro Version)

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile
These settings are also unique and can be done on any device. It has options as shown below:

Memory Boost

This option clears the memory to boost up the game performance.

Zero Lag Mode

This option lets you play the game with zero lag.

Hardware-Accelerated Rendering

It lets you choose among OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL 3.1+ and Vulkan which gives you the option to improve game performance, get a balanced experience of performance and improve game quality respectively.

GPU Optimization

It gives you an option to choose multiple optimization options in the game.

Potato Graphics

Does what the name suggests, sets the lowest settings.

Save Sensitivity Settings

The settings of the game are not saved when you use this tool, this option lets you retain the settings.

Experimental Graphics

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile
Under this option, you get some experimental options as mentioned below:
  • Enhance Sound Quality: This option provides multiple options such as Low, High or Ultra.
  • Simple Shader: This option lets you enable the simple shader option which reduces the stressing on your GPU.
  • Large Display Resolution: This option is useful for individuals who are using an emulator or tablet to play the game.
  • High Dynamic Range Support: This option lets you set the HDR level as per your device capabilities.

PUB GFX Tool – Help and FAQ

PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile
In this section, you have options to do some settings for this app. It has options such as:
  • Dark Theme – Enables dark mode for the app.
  • Language – Lets you select language for the app.
  • Restore your backup settings – Lets you restore your original graphics and layout settings that was done before using this app.
  • Advanced options – Lets you fix some settings such as settings not getting applied, game stuck on logo, smaller icons than usual.
At last, there is an About App section where you can know about the app version, developer and other important notices and policies.
PUB Gfx Tool for PUBG Mobile

So, this was all about the PUB Gfx tool for BGMI. If you want to know more about this tool then you can watch this video by Dhananjay Bhosale (YouTuber) in which he has shared everything about this tool including the instruction of using it.

A big thanks to the developer of this app for providing such a useful tool for BGMI players, if you loved using this app then you can show your love by rating it on the Play store as per your experience. Keep coming back for such interesting articles related to BGMI and other fun games.

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