Why Lighting Matters More than the Camera?

Why Lighting Matters More than the Camera?

Camera in smartphones has come a long way. From a 0.3MP digital camera to the 64MP camera available on Realme XT launched recently. Camera is one of the most important components when it comes to a smartphone. The camera in smartphones have become so much better than before that you can easily say that it is not a camera in a smartphone but smartphone in a camera.

Does Megapixels really matter?

It matters when needed and does not when it isn’t. Confused? See, I am not an expert in photography but one thing I know is that higher megapixel count only helps when you want to go into details. If you simply want to post a selfie on Facebook or Instagram then you do not need those pixels as you would not want anyone to zoom in your skin and see those mar…a well-lit picture is far better than an average high-megapixel image. There are other things that matter in a camera which includes things such as exposure, white balance and brightness and other technical terms that even I can’t explain.

Importance of lighting and other things

You can see anything only if light falls on it, if there’s no light then you can’t see it. Have you ever noticed that you get a bad picture when you have a smudge or dust on the camera lens? It is because of the light only which get deflected and spoils the image. If you use the light properly then you can take hell a good pics. There is a reason why phones nowadays come with multiple cameras. Even the latest iPhone 11 pro also has 3 cameras at its back and guess what? All the cameras are only 12 MP cameras! Though they total up to be 39 MP, each camera lens has its own function to do.

Can I take good photos with a camera having low megapixel count?

If you are still in doubt then you should check the previously mentioned info again. See, if you see a good scene, go ahead and capture it. The only thing to take care of is lighting and you can also play with it sometimes to give your image a unique touch.
Let me show you an example of playing with the lighting. Look at all the pictures attached below and tell me which of those images have been taken from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 that has a 13MP back camera which is now a 2-year old device.
Why lighting matters more than the camera?
Image 1: Nanda Devi Range from Nainital


Why lighting matters more than the camera?
Image 2: Neelam Mata Mandir at Mayur Vihar Phase-2


Why lighting matters more than the camera?
Image 3: My desktop in no lights with fancy LED backlights.
Why lighting matters more than the camera?
Image 4: My desktop in no lights with fancy LED backlights but a bit too close.

Wasn’t it tough? Guess what? All the photos have been taken by Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Now you know what I have been talking in this article. So, go ahead and take pics as you want, experiment with angles, lighting and other factors and make your pics stand out in social media.

The world of photography is very vast and what I have discussed is just the tip of an iceberg. There are many things that even I don’t know and are very important from the photography aspect. If you want any such concept to be discussed then you can let me know through social media or any other medium we are connected with.

Important Note: I am not an expert in photography and all things in this article are based on my experience. In case you disagree with anything mentioned in this article, then you can share your feedback in the comments down below.

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